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Complaints About the Authority

The PLA has developed a policy which outlines, amongst other things, the procedures and principles the Authority will use to deal with complaints about the Authority.

View the Complaints Policy Document

Complaints may be lodged with the PLA which express dissatisfaction about the service or actions of the Authority or its staff. Complaints can be made to the PLA directly.

If you have concerns with lodging your complaint to the PLA, you may lodge your complaint with the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC), the Queensland Ombudsman's Office, or Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission.

The CCC website,, provides details on how to make a complaint. Alternatively, you can contact the CCC on telephone number (07) 3360 6060 or for those outside Brisbane on Toll Free (outside Brisbane) 1800 061 611.

The Queensland Ombudsman’s Office website,, provides details on lodging a complaint.  Alternatively you can contact the ombudsman’s office on Telephone number (07) 3005 7000 or Toll Free (outside Brisbane): 1800 068 908.

The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission website, provides complaints information and procedures.  Alternatively you can contact the Anti-Discrimination Commission on Telephone number (07) 1300 130 670 (Statewide).


Last updated 27/08/2014