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Advertising Guidelines

Advertisements for prostitution published in Queensland must be in the approved form. It is an offence to publish an advertisement for prostitution that is not in the approved form.
The PLA has issued Guidelines about the approved form of advertisments for prostitution. All advertisements for prostitution published in Queensland, including those for interstate brothels and sex workers, must comply with the guidelines. The guidelines apply equally to advertisers and publishers.
Any person wishing to place or publish an advertisement must self-assess the proposed advertisement against the guidelines and thereby determine whether the advertisement is in the approved form. An advertisement which complies with the guidelines will be in the approved form.
Unless approval of the PLA is specifically required under the guidelines, all advertisements are to be self-assessed. Rather than approving advertisements, the main role of the PLA is to provide advice to advertisers and publishers on the application of the guidelines. The PLA may be contacted by telephone on 07 3858 9500 or via email at for that purpose.

Last updated 23/08/2018