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Prostitution Licensing Authority › Brothels › Operations and Monitoring of a Brothel

Operations and Monitoring of a Brothel

Commencement of operations

An applicant licensee having achieved:

can then look forward to the establishment of business procedures, issuing of the licence and commencement of operations of the brothel.

Conditions of licence and conditions of a manager's certificate

The granted Licence is issued upon opening of the brothel. Each brothel licence and manager's certificate has attached to it a number of conditions which must be complied with.


Operations and monitoring of licensed brothels are regulated by the PLA through the Prostitution Act 1999, Prostitution Regulation 2014 and Conditions placed upon each licence. Other government departmental controls will also apply as required.
The main areas to be considered in the operations of any licensed brothel include but are not limited to:

To prepare for the coordination of these operations licensees are required to develop an operation plan which can be further developed into specific policies and procedures. Further information is available from the Operational Standards Manual 2016.


The PLA monitors the provision of prostitution through licensed brothels in Queensland. The PLA may also conduct disciplinary inquiries in relation to licensees and managers and receive complaints about licensed prostitution.
Monitoring by the PLA is largely achieved through its compliance function which includes audits and inspections of licensed brothels and assessment of ongoing business operations.
Audits and inspections are conducted by Compliance Officers who will attend the brothel on occasions each year. For example:

Audits and inspections provide an assessment of the brothel against audit criteria and provide an opportunity for licensees and managers to discuss any matters with the Compliance Officers to assist them to meet their responsibilities under the legislation and Brothel Licence Conditions.

The Operational Standards Manual 2016

The PLA has developed an Operational Standards Manual to provide brothel licensees and approved managers with a set of best practice guidelines for a safe and healthy environment for sex workers, employees, clients and visitors and also provide information to support operations in line with the brothel licence conditions.
The Manual has been prepared in consultation with a wide range of agencies, with many people contributing to the final outcome. The Manual is provided once a person has been granted a brothel licence or an approved manager’s certificate.


Last updated 01/07/2017