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Prostitution Licensing Authority › Brothels › Development Approval for a Brothel

Development Approval for a Brothel

What comes first – the brothel licence or development approval?

You may either obtain development approval from the relevant local authority first or you may decide that both application processes should occur at the same time.

How do I apply for development approval?

If you wish to apply for approval to use a building for a licensed brothel (development permit) you should contact your local authority.  The local authority will be able to provide you with information about assessing the development application.

What happens if I receive development approval for the land but the premises have not yet been built?

You may ask the PLA to postpone the issue of the licence until the ‘happening of an event’. For example, if the premises will not be constructed for another five months, you may ask the PLA to postpone the issue of the licence for five months. If the PLA is satisfied that it is reasonable in the circumstances to postpone the issue of a licence the PLA can postpone giving you the licence for a period decided by the PLA. Should you require a further extension, the PLA may also extend the period of time.

What is the IDAS Code for development applications?

The IDAS Code is the Integrated Development Assessment System which applies to the assessment of a development application under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 for the making of a material change of the use of premises for a licensed brothel.

What is the purpose of the IDAS Code?

The purpose of this Code is to seek to ensure:

How do I comply with the code?

The code is complied with if each performance criterion in schedule 3 of the Prostitution Regulation 2014 is complied with for the brothel. A performance criterion is complied with if:

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Last updated 01/06/2017