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Prostitution Licensing Authority

Welcome to the Prostitution Licensing Authority

The Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA) is a Queensland Government licensing and regulatory agency established by the Prostitution Act 1999. The objective of the PLA is to ensure that licensed brothels and prostitution advertising are regulated in accordance with statutory requirements and in the community interest.

Street outside a Brisbane licensed Brothel Brothel Detail: Gold Coast Street outside a Gold Coast Licensed Brothel

The PLA is committed to:

  • acting in the public interest
  • assisting in the prevention of corruption and organised crime in licensed brothels
  • promoting and improving safety and health in the sex industry and in the wider community
  • consultation to reach the objectives of the organisation
  • providing a stimulating, satisfying and safe work environment free from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual preference or disability
  • operating to ensure that all its activities are based on the best information and research available to it.

We hope you find our website useful and informative. The PLA welcomes your suggestions and we encourage you to contact us with any comments that you have. 

Note: This site contains documents supplied in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you have any problems viewing these files, please Contact us and we will endeavour to arrange an alternative.

What's New


Guidelines for the Advertisement of Social Escort Services
The PLA is responsible for the regulation of social (i.e. non-sexual) escort services advertising. The PLA has issued Guidelines for the advertisement of social escort services. Social escorts, social escort providers, and publishers MUST self-assess the proposed advertisement to ensure that it complies with the guidelines. It is an offence to publish an advertisement that does not comply with the guidelines.
Guidelines for social escort services advertising (Guidelines for social escort services advertising|83964|application/pdf 82KB)

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service

If you are an owner of, or a business person occupying, a building in Queensland you have legal obligations to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or a hazardous material emergency.  Important management tools and information can be found at the following webpage:

Respect Inc

Respect Inc is a peer based Queensland sex worker organisation which delivers education, information, and advocacy services to sex workers throughout the state. For further information:
email: web:

Licensed Brothels

View the Brothels page for a full list of the licensed brothels in Queensland.

In Touch - Issue 148 - February 2020 ( In Touch - Issue 148 - February 2020 169 KB )
2018-2019 Annual Report
About the PLA (About the PLA|92243|application/pdf 90 KB)
Approved Managers (Approved Managers|90939|application/pdf 89 KB)
Brothel Licensees (Brothel Licensees|91186|application/pdf 89 KB)
Brothel Licence Application (Brothel Licence Application|385851|application/pdf 446 KB)
Complaints Policy ( Complaints Policy|82236|application/pdf 80 KB )
Service Delivery Statement 2019-20 (external link)
Strategic Plan 2019-2023 ( Strategic Plan 2019–2023 139 KB )
The Swedish Model
The Ban on Purchasing Sex in Sweden - The So-Called Swedish Model  (THE BAN ON PURCHASING SEX IN SWEDEN|1461352|application/pdf 1427KB)

Last updated 05/12/2019