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Prostitution Licensing Authority › Licences and Certificates › Application Process

Application Process

What happens when the PLA considers my application?

The PLA may either:

The applicant may ask the PLA to postpone the issue of a licence or certificate until the ‘happening of an event’. For example, construction of the premises to operate as a brothel is completed or until the brothel commences operation.

A licence authorises a person to operate a brothel at one premises only. Prostitution may only take place at the premises stated in the licence. In other words, no outcalls from the brothel.

What happens if I withdraw my application or the PLA rejects my application?

If you withdraw your application at any time before the licence or certificate is issued, or the PLA rejects your application, the PLA must refund the licence or certificate fee.

How long is the licence or certificate valid?

Once a person is granted a licence or certificate it will be valid for three years from the date of issue unless it is suspended, cancelled or surrendered. An Annual Return together with the relevant fee is required to be submitted to the PLA. A licensee or certificate holder may apply to the PLA for renewal of the licence or certificate before its expiry. The renewal fees are the same as the initial application fee for a licence or certificate and are payable upon submitting an application for renewal to the PLA.

Who can use the licence?

A licence:

You cannot transfer your licence to anyone else or allow another person to use your licence. Only the person whose name and photograph appears on the licence (the licensee) can use it.

What general information can I get about applications received by the PLA?

Under section 133 of the Act, the PLA cannot disclose any information obtained by it in the administration of the Act unless it is for a lawful purpose. A lawful purpose includes instances such as in a proceeding before a court in which the information is relevant to the issue before the court, in a proceeding under the Prostitution Act or, with the approval of the Authority, to a person administering a corresponding law.

The Right to Information Act 2009 does not apply to a document given to or produced by the PLA for the Prostitution Act.


Last updated 18/02/2013