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Prostitution Licensing Authority › Licences and Certificates › Applying for a Manager’s Certificate

Applying for a Manager’s Certificate

In considering a manager’s certificate application, the PLA must assess an applicant for:

Once an application has been lodged with the PLA, all information supplied by the applicant must be kept up to date. Under the Act it is an offence if, within ten days after becoming aware of a change in the information, an applicant has not given the particulars of the change to the PLA by written notice. An applicant may withdraw an application at any time before the manager’s certificate has been issued.


A person is ineligible to apply for a brothel licence if the person:


In considering the suitability of an individual to hold a brothel licence the PLA must consider:

The PLA must not decide that an applicant for a manager’s certificate is not a suitable person to be a brothel manager only because the applicant has worked as a prostitute.


Manager's certificate fees (Managers certificate fees 38 KB) must be paid annually, and all fees are increased annually in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Fees Matrix (Fees Matrix for Managers 18 KB)

Note: This document is supplied as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. If you have any problems viewing the file, please Contact us and we will endeavour to arrange an alternative.


Manager's certificate application forms

Manager's certificate application forms are available fromt the Office of the PLA. Phone: (07) 3858 9500.

Approved Managers Certificate (Approved Managers Certificate|221264|application/pdf 502 KB)

[1] Disqualifying offences are: official corruption, unlawful homicide, rape, abduction, kidnapping, demanding property, benefit or performance of services with threats, offences against morality, offences of prostitution that relate to a child or intellectually impaired person, and various offences under the Migration Act 1985 (C’wlth).

Last updated 1/07/2019