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2005 - 2006

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2005 - 2006 Annual Report 
Download the full 2005 - 2006 Annual Report 2005 - 2006 Annual Report|4393036|application/pdf 4290 KB

Table of Contents 
Page 01 - Front Cover Front Cover|98012|application/pdf 95 KB
Page 02 - Communication Objectives Communication Objectives|90455|application/pdf 88 KB
Page 03 - Table of Contents Table of Contents|159723|application/pdf 155 KB
Page 04 - Letter of Transmission Letter of Transmission|137738|application/pdf 134 KB
Page 05 - Highlights of the Year Highlights of the Year|88006|application/pdf 85 KB
Page 06 - Message from the Chair Message from the Chair|151611|application/pdf 148 KB
Page 08 - Our Mission Our Mission|98156|application/pdf 95 KB
Page 09 - Welcome to the PLA Welcome to the PLA|463405|application/pdf 452 KB
Page 15 - Our Performance Our Performance|262441|application/pdf 256 KB
Page 21 - The Environment in which we Operate The Environment in which we Operate|234790|application/pdf 229 KB
Page 25 - Our Corporate Governance Framework Our Corporate Governance Framework|218907|application/pdf 213 KB
Page 29 - Our Business Our Business|467600|application/pdf 456 KB
Page 51 - Financial Statements Financial Statements|2849392|application/pdf 2782 KB
Page 79 - Appendix One Appendix One|72921|application/pdf 71 KB
Page 80 - Index Index|127461|application/pdf 124 KB

2005 - 2006 Annual Report Front Cover

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