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Prostitution Licensing Authority › Reports and Publications and Facts Sheets › Information Privacy Plan › Breaches of privacy

Breaches of privacy

Individuals have the right to expect that the PLA will meet their privacy obligations and protect their personal information. Where a person believes that the Authority has breached the IPPs in relation to their personal information, they may make a privacy complaint.

The PLA will deal with privacy complaints in a timely and responsive manner. A privacy complaint must:

  1. Be in writing to the PLA Privacy Officer
  2. Provide a contact address to which notices can be forwarded
  3. Outline the basis for the complaint in as much detail as possible.

Complaints should be made as soon as possible after becoming aware of the suspected breach. They should be made to the PLA in the first instance and the PLA must be given reasonable time (45 days) to respond to the complaint. The complaint will be referred to the compliance section for investigation and the Privacy Officer will ensure the complaint is appropriately finalised.

If a complainant has not received a decision on the complaint within 45 days, or is not satisfied with the decision, they may complain to the Information Commissioner. The complaint will then be mediated, if deemed appropriate, or may be referred to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

Last updated 19/11/2009