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Selling Sex in Queensland

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Selling Sex in Queensland
Download the full Selling Sex in Queensland (Selling Sex in Queensland|2697835|application/pdf 2634 KB) document

Table of Contents
Page 001 - Front Cover (Front Cover|285847|application/pdf 279 KB)
Page 004 - Acknowledgements (Acknowledgements|48389|application/pdf 47 KB)
Page 005 - Preface (Preface|48984|application/pdf 47 KB)
Page 006 - Table of Contents (Table of Contents|48033|application/pdf 46 KB)
Page 008 - Overview (Overview|56826|application/pdf 55 KB)
Page 018 - Chapter One: The Sex Worker (Chapter One: The Sex Worker|405227|application/pdf 395 KB)
Page 058 - Chapter Two: The Client (Chapter Two: The Client|311406|application/pdf 304 KB)
Page 083 - Chapter Three: The Community (Chapter Three: The Community|239887|application/pdf 234 KB)
Page 114 - Bibliography (Bibliography|314988|application/pdf 307 KB)
Page 122 - Appendix A: Monitoring STIs in Queensland (Appendix A: Monitoring STIs in Queensland|229555|application/pdf 224 KB)
Page 130 - Appendix B: Sex Worker Survey (Appendix B: Sex Worker Survey|312433|application/pdf 305 KB)
Page 162 - Appendix C: Client Questionnaire (Appendix C: Client Questionnaire|283406|application/pdf 276 KB)
Page 178 - Appendix D: Community Attitudes Survey (Appendix D: Community Attitudes Survey|412868|application/pdf 403 KB)

Selling Sex in Queensland Front Cover

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