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Prostitution Licensing Authority › The Law › Brothel Licensing

Brothel Licensing

There are two separate processes that must be satisfied before a brothel can commence operation legally. A person who wishes to establish a brothel must apply to the local authority for approval to locate a brothel in particular premises and must also apply to the PLA for a brothel licence.
Brothels in Queensland are limited to a maximum of 5 service rooms. Escort services, or ‘out-calls’, are not permitted. If you have approval to operate a 5 room brothel, you must not have more than eight sex workers at the brothel at the one time. The total number of all staff at a brothel, including the manager, receptionist and all other workers must not exceed thirteen at any one time.

Offences relating to licensed brothels

Under the Prostitution Act, it is an offence for a brothel owner or manager to:

Under the Act it is an offence for workers to:

It is also an offence not to:

Only police of the rank of inspector or above may enter, or authorise an entry, to a licensed brothel when it is open for business. Police officers who wish to inspect, copy or take possession of documents or things must seek prior written authorisation from the PLA. Details about police entry of licensed brothels must be reported to the PLA.


Last updated 01/06/2017