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Health and safety in brothels

Health and safety standards in legal brothels

All licensed brothels in Queensland must:

  • meet strict health and safety standards set out in the law

  • meet licence conditions

  • operate under a COVID-safe Checklist.

Licensed brothels are safer for sex workers and customers

Queensland’s licensed brothels are legal businesses that are strictly controlled. They provide a clean and safe place for sex workers and clients.

Illegal brothels, such as massage parlours that offer sexual services, are unlawful and not regulated. No-one checks if they are following health and safety laws, or if they are COVID-safe.

Illegal sexual services are a serious risk to the health and safety of sex workers and clients.

Monitoring health and safety in licensed brothels

We work with licensed brothels in Queensland to make them healthy and safe places for sex workers and clients. We check on health and safety when we:

  • review applications for brothel licences
  • conduct audits and inspections of licensed brothels
  • process licence renewals
  • manage complaints about health and safety.

Brothel development applications to local government must meet council health and safety standards.

Brothels must ensure the health and safety of staff, sex workers, clients and visitors to the brothel – and comply with the Prostitution Act 1999, Prostitution Regulation, and brothel licence conditions.

All licensed brothels must follow the COVID Safe Checklist: Restricted Businesses (, to stay open.