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COVID-19 safety and licensed brothels

Licensed brothels must meet COVID-Safe laws

The Queensland public health directions set the rules for how businesses must respond to COVID-19.

Licensed brothels and sole operator sex workers may only operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Checklist: Restricted Businesses ( and you must also refer to the Public health directive – Restrictions for Impacted Areas and any other relevant public health directives.

Licensed brothels in Queensland are COVID-safe

The COVID Safe Checklist includes requirements for:

  • Collection and storage of contact information by the Check in Qld App or through existing electronic spreadsheet providing it meets the requirements for collection and storage of this information and can be provided upon request
  • 1 person per 2 square metres for areas open to or used by guests or patrons
  • Encouraging people to physically distance
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
  • Health and hygiene
  • What to do when staff are unwell
  • Identification of COVID-19 hazards, a risk assessment of those hazards, and control measures.

COVID Safe Checklists must be displayed in a place visible to guests, patrons, and staff.

COVID-safety for licensees, sex workers and clients

We encourage all licensees, sex workers and clients to follow the COVID-19 advice provided by Queensland Health.

  • Wash your hands
  • Use protective equipment
  • Do not go to work or visit a licensed brothel if you feel unwell.

If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms call 13HEALTH or your local doctor.