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Advertising FAQs

Section 93 of the Prostitution Act 1999 states ‘A person must not publish any advertisement for prostitution through radio or television or by film or video recording’.

No, a video recording is not permitted on your website as per section 93 of the Prostitution Act 1999.

As per section 94 of the Prostitution Act 1999, you must not publish a statement intended or likely to induce a person to seek employment as a service provider.

Brothel Operations FAQs

A person employed as a receptionist does not need to hold a manager’s certificate, their role and responsibilities must reflect that of a receptionist.  They cannot supervise the brothel or undertaken any of the responsibilities of a licensee or approved manager.

Either a licensee or approved manager must supervise the brothel at all times. You are not considered to be actively supervising a brothel if you are sleeping.

An internal policy should be established and service providers made aware of this at time of induction. This may include immediate dismissal for the possession of drugs or alcohol. As per section 83 on the Prostitution Act 1999, a person must not possess liquor at a licensed brothel. The possession of drugs is a criminal offence and may involved further action by Queensland Police.

No. As independent contractors you cannot insist service providers work an entire shift. In the interest of a mutual agreeable arrangement working hours should be negotiated between the service provide and the licensee.

No. However, as part of a deed of licence, factors such as what to wear on shift or while conducting introductions can be negotiated between the service providers and the licensee.

Yes. As the licensee, you can decide who can work from your brothel. However, consideration should be given to Brothel Licence Condition 5.1(a) to ensure service providers are not unfairly penalised.

Yes. In the absence of a licensee, the approved manager becomes the person responsible for the lawful supervision of the brothel.

Unless there are special conditions on your brothel licence, you can open your licensed brothel any day of the year. The Office of Industrial Relations advises that licensed brothels are not subject to trading restrictions under the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990, such as Anzac Day or Good Friday.

Health and safety FAQs

Yes. Licensed brothels must protect the safety and wellbeing of sex workers and clients. This includes managing the risk of violence against sex workers.

A licensee of a brothel must make sure:

  • each working room in the brothel has a hidden alarm button, or similar device, in working order
  • each working room in the brothel has enough lighting for sex workers to check clients for clearly visible signs of sexually transmissible infection
  • a sign is clearly displayed in the reception area that states ‘Only safe sexual activities are practised on these premises’.

Legal FAQs

The Authority doesn’t licence sex workers. There is no system of sex worker licensing or registration in Queensland. There are some parts of the Prostitution Act that apply to all sex workers, including:

  • public soliciting
  • nuisances connected with prostitution
  • the use of prophylactics
  • prostitution advertising.

Yes. Prostitution advertising by sex workers falls under the same ad rules as brothel advertising.

These sexual services are legal only if provided at a licensed brothel or by a sole operator sex worker. Massage parlours providing prostitution services are unlawful.

Natural justice means that if we are going to make a decision that can impact you, you will have the opportunity to understand the claims and respond.

Licensing FAQs

There are strict rules about who is eligible to apply for or be granted a brothel licence or an approved manager’s certificate in Queensland. You must be a suitable person and not have been convicted of a disqualifying offence under the Prostitution Act.

A ‘disqualifying offence’ is a serious crime under the Act. It may be a crime you commit, or that you influence someone else to commit, and includes things like:

  • money laundering
  • trafficking dangerous drugs
  • official corruption
  • murder or attempted murder
  • rape or attempt to commit rape
  • kidnapping
  • threats and intimidation
  • offences against a child or person with an intellectual impairment
  • prostitution offences involving a child or an intellectually impaired person.

If you have committed a disqualifying offence you cannot apply for a brothel licence or manager’s certificate.

You can still apply for a brothel licence or approved manager certificate if you have a conviction for prostitution. The PLA will assess your application against the Prostitution Act to determine if you are a suitable person to be granted a licence or certificate.

If you withdraw your application at any time before the licence or certificate is issued, or the Authority rejects your application, we must refund part of the licence or certificate fee.

Brothel licences and manager certificates can only be used by the person they are issued to. They cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Brothel licences and approved manager certificates are valid for 3 years unless they are surrendered, suspended or cancelled.

To set up and operate a licensed brothel in Queensland, you must:

  • get development approval from the local government authority to establish a brothel
  • be granted a brothel licence by the Authority
  • provide services within the law and brothel licence conditions.

Check your eligibility to apply for a brothel licence.