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About the Prostitution Licensing Authority

What does the Authority do?

The Prostitution Licensing Authority (the Authority) issues brothel licences and approved managers certificates under Queensland law.

The Prostitution Act 1999 and the Prostitution Regulation 2014 control how brothels can operate in Queensland, and the rules for advertising prostitution services.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) enforce laws around unlicensed brothels and other forms of unlawful prostitution.

The Authority:

  • makes decisions on applications for and issue brothel licences and manager certificates

  • ensures compliance with Queensland law, licence conditions and advertising guidelines – including managing complaints

  • supports the industry and community to understand the law.

How we help

Strict conditions apply to Queensland brothel licences and manager certificates.

PLA compliance teams visit licensed brothels to check they’re meeting the licence conditions and other legal requirements.

We’ll respond to your question or complaint quickly and thoroughly.

Licensed brothels must meet some of Australia’s highest health and safety standards.

Our customer commitment

We are accountable for the development, implementation and integrity of the regulatory framework for licensed brothels in Queensland.

The scope of our work includes a broad customer base: community members, people working in the industry, businesses owners, stakeholders from community organisations, and the QPS.

We are committed to providing service excellence for all our customers.

Our guiding principles for excellent customer experience:

  • anticipating your service needs
  • increasing and improving your access to information and guidance
  • providing authoritative, timely, and consistent services.

We commit to service excellence by:

  • being accessible
  • communicating clearly
  • being accurate and consistent
  • being responsive and completing actions quickly
  • valuing and encouraging your feedback to drive our improvement.

Our actions will be:

  • fair and impartial
  • professional
  • respectful
  • accountable
  • transparent.