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Checklists for creating compliant ads in Queensland

A quick guide to advertising standards for licensed brothels and sole operators

Sole operators

An advertisement for prostitution by a sole operator sex worker must not state or imply that more than one sex worker may be available.

A sole operator sex worker can advertise that they are working at a specific licensed brothel. If the ad includes a telephone number it must only be the telephone number for the licensed brothel.

Licensed brothels

An advertisement for a licensed brothel must state the business name of the licensed brothel, as it appears on the brothel licence.

An advertisement for a licensed brothel must not:

  • contain a telephone number that the Authority have not been advised of
  • state or imply that the brothel is associated with escort services
  • state or imply that more sex workers are available than permitted
  • contain a discount unless it explicitly states that the discount is in respect of room hire only.


Licensed brothel signage is regulated by local government under the assessment benchmarks for the Planning Act 2016. Refer to s. 25 and Schedule 3 (Code setting out assessment benchmarks) of the Prostitution Regulation.

Contact your local government authority for more information.

Checklist: Ads by licensed brothels and sole operators

You must follow these guidelines to advertise in Queensland, no matter where in Australia you work.

What you can do – legal advertising

Where can I advertise? Staying compliant
Business cards  
Websites and website links
  • The entire website must meet the guidelines.
  • The site must say it is restricted to people over 18 years of age.
  • The site can only link to the website of the Authority, the Queensland Adult Business Association (QABA), Yellow Pages, Respect Inc, or a prostitution website that meets the advertising guidelines.
Social media  
Subjects and wordsExample
Safe sex Safe sex only, condoms used always
General description of services only Fantasy, fetish, girlfriend experience, hard core, role play, etc
Sexuality and gender Gay, transgender, bisexual, shemale, female impersonator, sex change
Age Young, student, boy, girl. Only if stated that the person is 18 years of age or older
Recruitment You may only advertise for brothel staff in a ‘positions vacant/employment’ section of a publication or website IF the ad does not imply that the position is for a sex worker.
Images: pictures/photosExample
Bare breasts and nudity Not showing sexual organs or anus

What you can’t do – illegal advertising

Where can't I advertise?
Video and video recordings
Subjects and wordsExample
Unsafe sex You must not advertise in a way that implies unsafe sex (i.e. sexual intercourse or oral sex without prophylactic) For example, sexual references to ‘natural’, ‘bareback’, ‘basic’, ‘skin to skin’.
Specific description of services BJ and B & D
Bodily fluids – describing and naming Tasty, juicy, pee
Anything that suggests a person is under 18 Young, student, boy, girl, virgin, fresh, never touched, beginner
Any connection with massage services The word massage must NOT be used
Escort services  
Drugs/drug use  
Sex workers and choice You must not advertise in a way that suggests sex workers do not have a choice about the services they provide.
Recruitment You must not advertise in a way that might encourage a person to become a sex worker. For example, a licenced brothel advertisement for a ‘hostess’.
Advertise another business or event Unless consent must be sought from the person conducting the business or event, this includes a discount voucher for a shop.
Sponsorship of an event or organisation  
Game of chance or trade promotion of offering sexual services as a prize  
Prohibited Images: pictures/photosExample
Sexual organs or anus  
People under 18 years of age  
Anyone who looks like a child Unless you state that the person is 18 years of age or older
An animal 
Alcohol, drugs, drug use, underage sex, unsafe sex, sexual activity  
A sexual act or a simulated sex act