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Licence eligibility

Conditions and compliance

Who is eligible to hold a licence or certificate

Being eligible to apply for a licence or certificate does not guarantee you will be issued a licence. To be issued a licence or certificate, the Authority must first find that you are a suitable person.

You can still apply for a licence or certificate if you have a prostitution conviction.

Who is not eligible to hold a licence or certificate

If you have been convicted of a disqualifying offence, you are not eligible to hold a brothel licence or manager’s certificate. Disqualifying offences include offences not committed in Queensland but that are illegal under our law.

You are not eligible to apply for a brothel licence or approved managers certificate if you:

  • are under 18 years old
  • are a company
  • are bankrupt
  • have a licence or permit under the Liquor Act 1992
  • have been convicted of a disqualifying offence under the Act
  • have had a brothel licence or an approved manager’s certificate cancelled in the last 3 years
  • have already been told by the Authority that you aren’t eligible.

How are applications assessed?

Applications are checked by the Authority and the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

The application process includes:

  • criminal history checks of the applicant, their family and associates
  • financial background and financial viability of licence applicants
  • advice and information from relevant sources
  • for licence applications — review of the brothel business and operational plan including safety and security
  • agreement by the applicant to the recording of personal and identifying information.

For brothel licence applications, the Authority also takes into account the number of licensed brothels and adult entertainment premises already in the area covered by the application.

Why does the Authority refuse licence and certificate applications?

The Authority must refuse a brothel licence or manager certificate application if it is not satisfied the applicant is a suitable person to operate a licensed brothel or manage a licensed brothel.